10 top tips on how to write a press release

Journalists are inundated daily with 100s of press releases so how do you write one that will grab their attention. Here’s top 10 tips on writing a good press release:

  1. Start with a captivating title – it must catch the eye and want the journalist to read on
  2. Plan the content so its well written, doesn’t use jargon and is likely to appeal to a reader or journalist.
  3. The first paragraph, and especially the first sentence should be punchy, informative and draw in the reader to read on.
  4. Start with the most important information first and end with the least important.
  5. Remember the 5 base points – Who, why, where, when and how. The press need concise, factual information and not paragraphs of waffle and fluff.
  6. Embed up to 3 good photographs (in low res) into the copy.
  7. Preferably go for 1.5 spacing for clarity and no more than 2 pages for a news release.
  8. At the end put your contact details and any boring but necessary information can go in ‘Notes to Editors’.
  9. Research who you are sending it to and ensure they are your target audience.
  10. Email the release out embedded in an email or by mail chimp but don’t include big attachments – these will block journalists’ inboxes and will be discarded. They can always come back to you for more information.

If you want help with writing a press release please contact us.