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5 steps to remember before starting a PR campaign

Too often we hear people saying “I really need some PR”, which of course they probably do, but there are a few things that should be done before shouting to the press and social media about how great your product, organisation, idea or service is. Here’s a brief outline of 5 things to do before you engage a PR consultant:

  1. Define your target market – who are you pitching at? who do you want to buy your products/take up your services? Ensure this is your key target market, not just everyone aged 18-60!
  2. Set out your objectives – what do you want to achieve from the campaign? More sales or just raise awareness?
  3. Define your messages – what is your USP? why should people buy your products or engage with you?
  4. Think about your strategy – does your target market read newspapers, watch TV, are on social media or all of these?
  5. Ensure whatever you are promoting is looking great, ready for the market and isn’t going to crash in the first week. Ensure production is running well and you are in a happy position.

THEN you can engage your PR consultant and give them a brief and in this way your results should be much better.