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All work and no play

We all know that too much work and sitting in front of a computer dulls our creative juices. But when you’re trying to put finger to keyboard and write, what is the best way to become creative? Every good journalist or creative writer has their own strategies for writing. Some love the loom of a deadline to get writing, even if this involves staying up until the wee small hours. Others need peace and quiet in a darkened room or the buzz of a noisy café. I, for my own part, need fresh air and exercise – there’s nothing like a brisk walk or quick run that irons out the furrows in my brain and makes everything seem clearer. If I ever suffer a writer’s block, I know my only solution is to leave my desk, go outside for 15 mins good exercise and the block has been removed.

But here are some quick do’s and don’ts when writing:

  • Don’t start writing when you’re dog tired
  • Plan – a good plan will give you focus and structure
  • Research your subject first rather than halfway through as that will ensure it reads well
  • Check and check again – badly written copy is sloppy and puts the reader off in the first sentence
  • Be brave – push yourself with content and language but make it readable
  • Can it be said in 5 words instead of 10? Be succinct!

And with that word of wisdom I’ll close!