Define your objectives before you begin on a PR campaign

Times are tough for many companies right now and it can be all too easy to race to do something to improve business. There is no doubting that PR is essential if you are to stay visible in this fast-moving digital world. But before embarking on a campaign it is vital to work out your marketing objectives (what are you trying to achieve), your PR objectives and strategy (how are you going to achieve it) and who your target market is. From this you can define your goals and then work out what is the best campaign to follow to achieve it. For example there’s no point mounting a massive social media campaign across Instagram and Snapchat if your target audience don’t ever go there. (And did you know the average age of someone using Instagram is just 22?) Equally if you’re only wanting to talk to other businesses use trade press, business to business communication and twitter.

Think, plan and define before starting any PR campaign and the results will be far more effective.