Is marketing a waste of time in this pandemic? NO!

With the economy crashing about our ears and businesses really struggling to survive, many will say that marketing is no longer a priority. But how wrong they can be as this is a perfect time to build a brand. With so many businesses just trying to get through there is a void in the noise that is being transmitted from companies and brands. So use this void to shout about your brand or organisation. Given that many people are furloughed or just stuck at home social media usage has probably never been bigger. In this new slow life that is emerging people are looking for interesting stories and have time to browse products that they might never have even cast a second glance. For example, interiors brands are gaining much interest as people have time to look at their tired kitchen, or their past-it’s-sell-by bathroom, and they need daydreams to fill their days.

Creativity and sensitivity is crucial in these strange times. You mustn’t depart from your core company values and messages but adapt them to raise interest in your products. Post daily or every two or three days with different messages and use your imagination to give variety. But be warned, don’t over-post – no-one wants to be bombarded with posts 3 or 4 times a day saying virtually the same thing. And be sure to respond to questions and comments to show you really care. Those organisations that go the extra mile with customer relations in this lockdown will be remembered once we go back to some sort of normality and loyalty is huge in a crisis. On the other hand those companies that are tricky, silent, or un-accommodating will also be remembered and disliked.

Communication has never been more important than it is now so get out there and take your share of the noise and keep your brand alive! Or if you need help with it, we’re still open and happy to work with you.