Don’t panic – Christmas is only 100 days away!

At this time of year PRs who do product PR are madly pitching their products to the many journalists, bloggers and influencers who are all compiling the infamous Christmas gift guide. If you read them all you’d need a Christmas sack the size of Britain but many offer great ideas when faced with ‘what should I get so and so for Christmas?) We’ve pitched many varied interesting, unusual and desirable (or so we think) Christmas gifts to many hundreds of journos in the years. But what makes a good pitch?

  1. Give them what they want – if they’re looking for gifts for kids don’t pitch alcohol! This may sound obvious but so often people pitch all sorts of irrelevant items
  2. A picture says a 1000 words – make sure you include a photo (can be low res to start but have the hi res ready) to illustrate the gift
  3. Provide a clear, succinct caption complete with price and link
  4. Make sure you have researched the publication so it’s for your target market
  5. Be prepared to offer samples, the odd competition prize, subscriber gift or giveaway as sometimes that may swing whether they use it or not
  6. And lastly be enthusiastic – if you love the gift and can sell it well, so will others!

So get that Santa hat on and start pitching!

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