Why trade shows are so important
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Why trade shows are so important

Love them or loathe them, trade shows are an integral part of many businesses in allowing them to expand to markets and customers that they might not necessarily reach in day to day business. You may say we’re biased since we work for some trade shows but with many years of experience in this area, we know how important they are, as long as you make them work for you. For many exhibitors who might be small, one man businesses, trade shows allow you to network with other producers and showcase your products to your audience, who as trade customers will be keen to give constructive feedback.

Call us old fashioned but nothing quite beats the face to face selling. Despite every sales technique in the book we are all still humans and interaction is important so meeting your customers and buyers allows you to sell your product quickly and efficiently.

For buyers, trade shows can’t be avoided if you want to find out what’s new and innovative in your business. You might find 3/4 of the Show irrelevant but that one quarter may be the little gems that make your business a success.

But for both exhibitors and visitors the most important thing is be prepared. For exhibitors prepare your stand and make sure it shows your products in the best possible light. Look and feel good about it as this will immediately attract custom and of course, follow up after speaking to trade customers. For visitors look through the exhibitor lists and activities at the Show and prioritise what you want to see and hear – in this way you won’t waste any time.

Above all enjoy getting out and seeing people – it can make you feel good about your business!

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