Shop local, eat local, love local

If these unreal times have taught us anything, it’s the importance of family, friends and community. Many of us, unable or unkeen to travel any distances, have discovered what shops and services we have on our doorstep. Most of these will be small businesses, often run by just family members, and many will be struggling to make ends meet at the moment. However, they have been incredible in opening long hours, sourcing products or services people want or need, any even delivering to customers’ homes. Shopping at local shops is usually a much friendlier and more satisfying experience than a large faceless supermarket or store and even though you sometimes may have to pay a little more, it is worth every penny to know you are supporting a local business and a local family. If and when we even go back to a more normal life, remember those who have supported you during these tough times – in local shops, cafes and restaurants – and keep using them and then we may begin to see a revival of local town and village centres and there’s no doubt that will improve general well being. So in these particularly tough times try and do most of your Christmas shopping locally, your daily shopping locally and support your local businesses. #loveslocal #shoplocal

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