Are you ready to trade again post lockdown?

There’s no denying it that these last few months have probably been the toughest most people have, and hopefully ever will, experience in business. But as lockdown slowly eases are you ready to reach out to your customers and clients and get trading again. Here’s a quick list of tips to ensure you’re “marketing ready”:

  • Communication is key – do you customers know you’re open or when you will be open – keep them informed by direct mail or via social media
  • Prepare, prepare and prepare again – time spent now having everything in place to open and do business safely will give you more time to sell
  • Re-define your marketing and PR strategy. Most likely you need to re-define your messages for the new normal so do it now.
  • Increase your social media activity as this is by far the biggest way to communicate to customers and potential ones. If you’re unsocial on social media then it’s a waste of time being there
  • Check your social media profiles and images – are they up to date, are opening times correct, or should you update it all
  • Check your website – go through every detail and update or improve it so the ‘face’ of your organisation is looking its best
  • A picture tells a 1000 words so use images and videos to illustrate your business
  • Train your staff – ensure they’re all Covid-19 trained for interfacing with customers and that they’re coming back to work feeling re-invigorated and brimming with enthusiasm
  • Try doing some ecommerce – online shopping is here to stay so if you can set up an ecommerce platform

Use this time as a fresh beginning when you can make your company more efficient and effective but it will take time, energy and creativity to get there. So take the risk, step out of the box and you’ll find you’re ahead of the game!

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