What, where, who, why, when and how – the great 6!

Imagine the scenario – you have a new product and you want to generate sales. The product is all ready to be sold, the packaging looks great but how do you get sales? PR can be the answer but before you embark on that campaign you must answer the 6 questions that start any campaign – what, where, who, why and how.

What are you trying to sell and what is its USP?

Where are you selling it – online, in shops or in a marketplace

Who are you selling this to? Who are your target market? Make this as defined as possible to get the best results

Why should anyone buy this and what are the messages about the product that you’d like to transmit?

When do you want to market it – is it ready now or will you wait? What is the best timing – for example don’t bring an ice cream to market when it’s cold

How do you want to market it – are you doing advertising, or just a PR campaign? Is your target market on social media and should you use this.

If you can answer all these 6 key marketing principles in full then you’re ahead of the game and ready to start a good marketing campaign. Good planning at the beginning will ensure you’re focused and know what you want to achieve, which will probably result in success. So work out your 6 ‘whs – and how’ and you’ll be well on your way to sales.


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