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Working from home – love it or hate it?

Are you into your tenth month of working from home and feeling the novelty has worn off? Or are you loving the flexibility it offers and not missing the photocopier chat? As a #WFH since I set up my own PR agency many moons ago, I relish the working from home. But there are some things that are a must to make it work well. Firstly make sure your set up is comfortable and quiet. There’s no way we can work efficiently if having to move locations a few times a day when others need the space so set up a small area – perhaps in the kitchen, a bedroom or living room that is dedicated to your “home office.” Get a comfortable chair and perhaps even a laptop stand to make it easier, and 2 screens give you space to move from one to another easily. Try and get the best wifi – this is easier said than done for anyone in rural areas – we have just gone to mobile broadband and it works well, with much higher speeds and costs the same as landline broadband … well most of the time. Give yourself coffee and lunch breaks at certain times to give structure to your day. Try and ensure your day has a definite start as you would in the office and don’t be tempted to work later than you would normally. And most importantly take plenty exercise – whether it’s going for a brisk 20 min walk at lunchtime or a HIIT session at 6pm, build that into your day. Given you aren’t seeing anyone make time for calls or texts to friends and family as that will ensure you stay in touch which is even more important if you’re in the house all day.

Enjoy it as the benefits of not being crammed on a crowded bus or train, having to deal with office politics and perhaps being able to get more fresh air and exercise are invaluable to a sane and fun life!

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