The secrets of succeeding in retail

Retail is a challenging place to be right now but those who succeed are the ones who’ve gone that extra mile, who know their customers inside out and who never rest on their laurels. In a brand new blog on the Scotland’s Speciality Food Show website, entitled ‘Retail Voice’ Sue Montgomery from Ardardan Farm Shop, near Glasgow, shares the secrets of her success and what makes their shop so great:


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Recipes go down well

Delighted that Demijohn’s delicious recipes have been featured in The Herald newspaper not once but twice in recent weeks. If you’re in need of inspiration here’s where to look:


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Not another charity lunch

Charity lunches or dinners seem to be endless these days but recently I was privileged to be at the Women of Scotland Lunch. You may think this is just another ladies who lunch but it is not. Founded 61 years ago it was set up for women in Scotland to network, hear inspirational speakers and raise money for charity. Over those years many hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised for different charities every year. This year we raised over £25,000 for Bloodwise, which is a blood cancer charity dedicated to funding research into all blood cancers. But it was not just the money raised we were “entertained” by some truly inspirational speakers. STV Presenter Laura Boyd spoke of how leukaemia has affected her and not just in having the disease but the after effects of having a baby – hardly a dry eye. The ‘real’ Calendar Girls who did the first naked calendar and inspired the film, musical and stage production also gave a poignant and at times funny account of their experience raising money for blood cancer AND the tragic events that inspired it all. We were also fortunate to have the Scots Makar, Jackie Kay, speak which was inspiring, fun and interesting which really made for a thought-provoking afternoon.

And I haven’t even begun on the networking opportunities, the lunch and so much more. A truly worthwhile event!

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Cooking up a storm

What better way to showcase a new kitchen than to have a cookery demonstration, which is exactly  how client Kitchens International officially opened their new showroom at Martin & Frost, Fort Kinnaird, near Edinburgh. Chef Tony Singh MBE showed how to get the most from these beautiful kitchens by cooking up a delicious Spicy Lamb Pattie, called a Nuhra with the most delicious marinated onions, as well as putting together a Ceviche of Scallops with pomegranate, ginger and lime. My favourite ingredients – lime and ginger – really made this a special dish and there was unanimous approval of both dishes.

With many press, clients, potential clients and VIP friends attending it was the perfect way to show what its like to cook and work in a designer kitchen. We all longed for the special features – ovens that can be set by wifi, huge induction hobs, Quooker boiling water taps and so much more – if you can pop in and take a look at the kitchens – the designs will blow your mind! Now back to cooking those dishes…

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Define your objectives before you begin on a PR campaign

Times are tough for many companies right now and it can be all too easy to race to do something to improve business. There is no doubting that PR is essential if you are to stay visible in this fast-moving digital world. But before embarking on a campaign it is vital to work out your marketing objectives (what are you trying to achieve), your PR objectives and strategy (how are you going to achieve it) and who your target market is. From this you can define your goals and then work out what is the best campaign to follow to achieve it. For example there’s no point mounting a massive social media campaign across Instagram and Snapchat if your target audience don’t ever go there. (And did you know the average age of someone using Instagram is just 22?) Equally if you’re only wanting to talk to other businesses use trade press, business to business communication and twitter.

Think, plan and define before starting any PR campaign and the results will be far more effective.

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Its that time of year – should we say thanks to clients and customers?

Corporate gifting has diminished since the heady days of the eighties when corporate entertaining budgets were large and we all received and gave nice gifts at Christmas to our valued clients and customers. However, it is still a lovely touch around the festive season to say thanks to staff or those clients or customers who have really made a difference during the year. Then what to give or do?  Edible gifts always go down well and the ones I love seeing going out are the wonderful Demijohn corporate gifts – I defy anyone who doesn’t enjoy opening a beautifully wrapped bottle with their name on it, filled with one of the Demijohn delicious drinks. Or perhaps treat your staff or clients to a special day or evening – a cocktail demo and tasting evening or a cookery demo. These are often far more appreciated than a standard party and cater for everyone, even the non-party animals.

Whatever you do, enjoy the build up to Christmas – it is a special time of year when we get together with friends and family and even have some days off! What more could we want!

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Why is social media so important?

“We don’t have a choice as to whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” (Socialnomics)

Many people like to say ‘I don’t do Facebook’ or ‘My business doesn’t need social media’. I believe they’re wrong as in this fast-moving, fast talking era, you ignore social media at your peril. Social media isn’t difficult to do but it IS skilled to do it well. Just because you post regularly about your personal life on social media doesn’t mean you can do social media for a business. The success of social media is knowing your business, knowing your audience and giving them something they want to share and engage with. Endless posts that are dry and just transmit information about your business will be ignored. If you engage your audience, give them varied content and show a face to your organisation it reap benefits. Communication is two ways so always be there to talk and to listen.

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Welcome to the Fenella Taylor PR website

Thanks for visiting the new Fenella Taylor website. If you have a business that needs to get its message out in an affordable, eye-catching way, give us a call!
We have years of experience helping companies big and small get attention for their products and services and highlighting issues and causes for a variety of charities and organisations.
We have contacts and relationships with a wide range of media organisations and with a bit of skill and creative thinking can make sure that your message is put into the spotlight effectively and affordably.
Give us a call anytime on 01389 830390 anytime to find out more.

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